Volkswagen Crafter Service

Volkswagen Crafter Service and Repairs

The one-stop shop for Volkswagen Crafter owners, we offer a range of services to keep you and your van on the road. We are recognised as one of the leading indpendent Volkswagen Crafter Specialists with some customers travelling thousands of kilometres for major repairs and servicing. We take great pride in our work and motivated by giving industry leading customer value. 

Crafter log book and scheduled servicing

We service your Crafter van in line with Volkswagen recommended service schedules and specifications, this includes the use of genuine parts and approved lubricants when servicing your in warranty van to help ensure your warranty is preserved. In some cases we may recommend improvements to the service schedule depending on the operating conditions, age, kilometres and other requirements you may have for your van.

Crafter Safety and Pre-Purchase Inspections

We conduct safety inspections at each service to monitor and understand the health of your Crafter van. We use a traffic light system which highlights urgent repairs needed including areas of potential safety risk.  

If you're looking to purchase a Crafter van we can conduct a pre-purchase inspection. This will help you understand the health of the Crafter Van and work that may be required to keep it in a roadworthy state.

Volkswagen Crafter General Repairs

We are independent Crafter specialists which has helped us develop a strong following of Crafter owners who routinely bring their vehicles in for servicing and repairs when they're required. We take pride in the fact we have saved our customers thousands in repair costs when comparing to dealership and local workshop alternatives. Our technicians are all qualified, experienced and knowledgeable and when combine with affordable premiium quality parts means we deliver outstanding service and value. Our experience means we can often offer alternative repair solutions depending on your requirements. An example of this is offering a new part, after market part or used part, we will give you the options and provide a recommendation.


We take the same approach to all repair scenarios including;


  • Volkswagen Crafter Cooling System Repairs

  • Volkswagen Crafter Engine repairs, replacement and rebuilding

  • Volkswagen Crafter Transmission repairs, replacement and rebuilding

  • Volkswagen Crafter Brake System repairs

  • Volkswagen Crafter  Cylinder head repairs and replacement      

  • Volkswagen Crafter Fuel system repairs

  • Volkswagen Crafter Diesel injector repairs and replacement

  • Volkswagen Crafter Differential repairs

  • Volkswagen Crafter Air Conditioning repairs

  • Volkswagen Crafter Suspension repairs

  • Volkswagen Crafter Wheel alignment and steering repairs

  • Volkswagen CrafterTyres and wheel

Volkswagen Crafter Diagnosis

Has a warning light come up on your Crafters dash or your van gone into limp mode and want to know why? We have the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist training to help report and resolve the issue. Call us immediately if you have any lights being displayed on your dash, as there may be a safety or catastrophic failure risk. Click here for a link to the meaning of warning lights on your dash. Just be sure that it’s for your vehicle.

Quality Parts for your Mercedes Benz Sprinter

We take pride in using the best, stocking a huge range of Genuine and OEM after market Crafter parts at affordable prices. We can get you back on the road quickly with the peace of mind you've got parts that will last.

Crafter Brake Repairs

We aim for quality, safety and efficency when it comes to repairing your Crafter brakes. Our experienced mechanics will get you back on the road with minimal fuss using Genuine and OEM quailty parts as a minimum standard. We've proven over the years there should be no compromisng with brakes. Get the best and get the durability unlike many of the after market products. Hot tip, look out for when your last brake fluid change was done, if it hasn't been done in the required timeframe, usually 2 years, you risk brake failure.

Crafter Paint and Panel repairs

We also have a designated commercial paint and panel workshop for fast turn around on pesky blemishes, dents or major panel work.

  • Crafter Crash repairs

  • Crafter Body repairs

  • Crafter Fibreglass repairs

  • Crafter Rust removal

  • Crafter Dent removal

  • Crafter Painting and touch ups

  • Crafter Door replacement

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